Do not decrease points for fouls; instead, award an extra score for proper moves.

  • Making a move that does not pocket a ball: 0
  • Pocket your own ball: 500
  • Pocket opponent ball: 100
  • Pocket a ball without any fouls: extra 500
  • Pocket an 8 ball correctly: 5000
  • Any successful move (without fouls) that pockets a ball past first in the chain: 500

Difficulty bonus:

  • Easy: 0
  • Medium: +50%
  • Hard: +100%


  • Leman’s shot (pocket 2 balls with opening hit): 5000
  • One cue (win the entire game without ever letting the opponent shoot): 20000
  • Double strike (pocket 2 balls in one shot): extra 1000
  • Triple strike (pocket 3 balls in one shot): extra 3000
  • Quad strike (pocket 4 balls in one shot): extra 10000
  • Never miss (not a single shot that misses or fails to pocket): extra 3000
  • Perfection (not a single foul): extra 2000
  • Chain (pocket a ball after hitting at least 3 others): extra 2000
  • Dumb luck (win a game after fouling every single shot): extra 10000
  • Last stand (win when only an 8 ball is on the table, by pocketing it correctly): extra 5000

Note: Achievements: user gets a new achievement panel and bonus score every time they perform a cool play trick. Achievements are NOT AFFECTED BY DIFFICULTY