The goal in Addiction Solitaire is to sort all four rows in ascending order: 2 to K. Each row must be of the same suit. Game must be beaten before the time runs out.


After the deal, the Aces are removed to create 4 blank positions. Cards can be moved into blank positions one at a time. Moveable cards are highlighted automatically. You can move cards by dragging or double-clicking.

Moving cards

A card can be moved into a blank spot if it follows the previous card (to the left) in both suit and value. For example, Four of Spades can be moved to a spot right of Three of Spades only.


A Two of any suit can be placed into a leftmost column; once there, it sets the suit for the entire row. Choose the suit carefully, it’s a key moment in success.


A King can be moved (next to a Queen of the same suit), but no card can be moved to the right of a King.


Three times per game, when out of moves or at will, cards can be reshuffled. This will randomly re-deal all cards except those at their correct value and suit (suit determined by a two in the left column).