Block Champ is a game that constantly provides you with a set of 3 random block figures that you must drag and place on a 10x10 grid. The goal is simple to understand yet hard to execute - keep placing each figure in a way that allows enough space for the next one and repeat this as long as you can. Some game mechanics are designed to help you on your way, but some are there to make the game harder. Here are some tips and tricks that we hope you find useful!

The main way to keep the grid clear is by completely filling a row or column with blocks. After you do this, those blocks will disappear and grant you bonus points.

If you can place a figure that clears multiple rows or columns at the same time, it will permanently increase your score multiplier for the rest of the game. Hint: try to gain multipliers as early as possible because it’s a cumulative bonus and there is plenty of free space at the beginning of the game.

Sometimes one block in the figure may randomly have a lightning icon on it. If you line up any row or column with 2 of those lightning blocks, it will clear the whole line!

However, sometimes one block in a figure may be frozen. When you clear a line that has a frozen block, it will melt and become a regular block. If you clear it again, it will be completely removed. Most of the time, this block makes the game harder, but you can use them to your advantage!

This final tip is simple but very important. While placing your figures, always try to leave free space for the possibility that one of these lines or cube figures appear in the next set. These are the biggest figures in the game, and they lead to game overs most of the time:

When you’ve mastered all these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to climb up the leaderboards and become a true Block Champion!