We understand and appreciate your concerns regarding the Outspell dictionary. The game's dictionary is based on Collins Official Scrabble Words book, which includes 279,000 permissible words that are specific to scrabble-based games. 

However, it's been estimated that there are over one million words in the English language. 

Additionally, the number of words in the English language is constantly changing – as new words are adopted, others become obsolete. For this reason, unfortunately, we are unable to create a dictionary that accounts for all words in the English language. 

NOTE: offensive and profane words have been removed from Outspell

Validity of a word. You can check the validity of a word by selecting the "Dictionary" button located on the bottom right side of your game. Type the word in the search back to see if it's valid or not.

NOTE: if the word doesn't exist in the Collins Official Scrabble Words dictionary, it won't exist in the Outspell dictionary

Word finder. If you are interested in learning the meaning of a word, please consult the Scrabble Word Finder.

Open this link: https://blog.collinsdictionary.com/scrabble/scrabble-word-finder/

Here's an example of what you might find: 



We hope this helps shed some light on the matter. Your feedback and passion for the game are appreciated!