Thank you so much for playing Arkadium games on the Xfinity website. Unfortunately, the Arkadium games on the website will no longer be available on July 3rd, 2023.

1. Alternative website -

However, this does not mean that you can no longer enjoy them. You will be able to continue playing the same Arkadium games on our alternate website, This website aims to provide to you the same experience as the Xfinity website did, with the same games and functionalities.

2. How to bookmark the new website? 

If you used a bookmark or shortcut to access the games website in the past, please update it with the new website. You can do this by going to and following this guide: How Can I Add This Page To My Browser's Favorites?

3. How to create the new account on the new website?

To take full advantage of the new website, you will require a brand new account. As your old Xfinity account is no longer compatible with the new website, please follow this guide on how to create a new one: How To Create An Account On

4. How can I restore the progress on the new account? 

As this will be a new account, it will not be connected to any details of your old account, including progress level, coins or high scores. However, should you be attached to your old progress, we are able to provide you with a similar number of level and coins. For this purpose, contact support with a screenshot of your progress level and coins as seen below:

5. Any Questions? 

Contact support here for that purpose:

If you require assistance on how to create a screenshot, please check our guide: How do I take a screenshot on my device?