The game doesn't load, freezes, or does not work correctly

Completing all of the following steps will fix most common problems in the game:

Update to the latest version of Flash at this site:

Clear your cache by following these instructions, which will work for most popular browsers:
1: Open your browser, and while holding the CTRL and Shift keys on your keyboard, press the Delete key. This will make a new window appear.
2: In this window, put a check in only the box that says Cache (some browsers say "Temporary Internet Files" instead of Cache).
3: Click the Delete or Clear button at the bottom of this window.
Update your browser, or try playing in a new browser: 
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome: 
Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Are you running any ad-blocking software? We've noticed that this can interfere with our game and cause errors like this. Please try disabling ad-blocker and any other unnecessary browser add-ons. 

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