This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Tripeaks Solitaire Game.

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How to play 

Goal. The goal of Tripeaks is to clear all the cards on the table. Simply tap face up cards that are either one above or one below the top card of the waste pile.

Chaining. Each card in the sequence is moved to the waste pile so you can make a chain of cards. Clear as many cards as you can with your chain before you have to deal with a new card from the reserve.

End. When you run out of cards to add to your chain and there are no more cards in the reserve, your game has reached its end.


General formulaHere is how the general scoring formula looks:

score = previous score + (5 + 10 * Chain Number).

Chain number. Chain number equal amount of cards, collected one after another one, without interruptions. 

The goal is to create the biggest chain possible in the shortest amount of time.

Peak number


Peak 1


Peak 2


Peak 3


Time Bonus. It is equal to the number of seconds remaining. Max = 600 points (10 minutes = 600 seconds).

score = previous score + (Bonus + Time Bonus).

The maximum possible score. Max score = 4,245 (one chain, which will cover all cards) + 600 (impossible time bonus) = 4845.