This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Crescent Solitaire Game.

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How to play

Goal. In Crescent, the goal is to move all the cards from the crescent outer piles to the 8 foundation piles in the middle.

Foundation. The bottom four foundation piles build up in suit from Ace to King (Ace, 2, 3 … Jack, Queen, King). The top four build down in suit from King to Ace (King, Queen, Jack, 10 .. .3, 2, Ace).

Moving cards. Cards on crescent piles can be moved from one crescent pile to another if they are the same suit and one greater than or less than the top card on the destination pile, wrapping in any direction, including the Aces and Kings.

You can move cards between foundation piles as long as the suit is the same.


EXAMPLE: a 5 on the upper row of foundation piles can be taken off a 6 and them placed on a 4 on the bottom foundation piles


NOTE: if you move all the cards from the crescent pile, you can't place a card into an empty space. Also, you can't take the starting (bottom) cards from the foundation piles

Hint and shuffle. The hint button will show available moves one by one. If you find yourself out of moves, you can use the Reshuffle button three times per game to reallocate cards in crescent piles.


General Formula: 

Each collected card is worth 5 points.

Final Score (if player win the game) = (the number of collected cards * 5) + Moves Bonus + Time Bonus.

Final Score (if the game was interrupted) = (the number of collected cards * 5) 

NOTE: bonuses are awarded when all cards are collected

Moves Bonus = 300 - the number of moves made.

Time Bonus = 900 (15 minutes) - the number of seconds spent.

Maximum Score = 1,488 points.