This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Jigsaw Blast Game.

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How to play

General rules. You are given one piece at a time that is guaranteed to be attachable to already placed pieces. 


NOTE: find the spot and attach it there to get th next piece

Goal. Your goal is to assemble 4 puzzles before the time runs out.


Final Score = (Placed Bonus * Number of Pieces Placed) + (Chain Bonuses) + (100 * Time Bonus) + (Win Bonus * Number of Puzzles Solved)

Placed Bonus = 20. Each time a piece is placed correctly, the player scores 20 points.

Additional points may be awarded according to the current chain.

Chain Bonuses = from 250 to 1,000

  • The chain starts at 0 and increases each time a piece is placed correctly.
  • Clicking incorrectly resets the chain to 0.
  • After chaining five pieces in a row, the bonus is 250 bonus points.
  • After chaining ten pieces in a row, the bonus is 1,000, and the chain resets back to 0.
  • The chain displays the number of pieces placed in a row plus one.

Time Bonus = 600 (10 min) minus the time spent. 

Win Bonus = 2,000. When a puzzle is completed, the player is awarded 2,000 bonus points.

Max Possible Score = 55,280