Welcome to 40 Thieves Solitaire, the famous solitaire challenge!
Your goal is to play all 104 cards to the 8 foundations above. 40 cards will be placed in 10 tableau piles, and the rest is in your stock.


You can only play the top card of each tableau and the currently open card from the stock. Click or drag cards to move them, or double-click to play them (if possible). Tableaus must be built DOWN by suit, from King to Ace. Foundations must be built UP by suit, starting with Ace, and up to King. Click your stock to open the next card.


This card game is notoriously hard to complete, so we’ve prepared two difficulty levels for you. On EASY mode, you can move cards of the same suit built down as a unit: for example, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit, in that order, can be moved together. In addition, you can go through your stock again once it runs out. On HARD mode, which is the original true rules of this game, you can only move the top card of each pile, and you may only go through the stock once.

Hint and Undo

You can use the HINT button to easily locate possible moves. You can UNDO your last move, or several moves if you wish.