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How to play

FreeCell is a classic variation of the solitaire family of card games played using a standard 52-card deck. 

Goal. Move all cards from the play area to the four foundations on the top right. Foundation piles must start with the aces of each suit and are built up in sequential order. 

NOTE: you can move cards from foundations back if you need them

Play area. Cards can be moved from one column to another as long as their colors alternate, and they are in sequential order from highest to lowest. 

EXAMPLE: a Red 5 can be moved to a Black 6

Free cells. Four free cells are located on the top left. You can place any card in a free cell. These cards can later be moved to the play area or to the foundations. Free cells are valuable for uncovering and moving cards! You can also move any card to empty columns once you free them (and then add more cards on top of them as usual).

Moving cards. You can move multiple cards together at the same time, but only if they are in sequence and only if there are enough free cells or open columns for you to move these cards one at a time.

To move N cards, you need N-1 (N if you wish to move them into a free column), total free cells, and open columns. 


EXAMPLE: you would need 4 empty spaces to move 5 cards


General formula:

Final score = (the number of cards collected * 5) + Moves Bonus + Time Bonus + Win Bonus

Each card collected in the right place is worth 5 points.

NOTE: bonuses are awarded when the game is completed

Win Bonus = 100 points.

Moves Bonus = (150 minus (number of moves made)) * 3.

Time Bonus = 600 minus the number of seconds spent

EXAMPLE: if your game was completed in 500 seconds and 100 moves: 52*3 + (150 - 100)*3 + (600 - 500) + 100 = 610 points