This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s 10x10 Game.

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How to play

General rules. To start 10x10, simply click and drag the shapes on the bottom of the screen to the grid. You'll want to fill a full line of tiles, 10 in total, either vertically or horizontally to remove them. 

Goal. The goal of 10x10 is to score points for each shape placed and tile removed, and the higher the score the better. While it may sound easy and simple enough, the 10x10 board can and will fill up in a hurry so it is important to think through each move and placement. 


The player drags Tetris-like shapes to the 10x10 grid to arrange them in straight lines spanning the board either vertically or horizontally.

  • Each shape is made up of individual tiles, and tiles in a complete line are cleared from the board.

  • The player receives 1 point for each tile successfully placed or cleared.

  • There are no special score modifiers.

  • Placing a shape made up of 3 tiles = 3 points.

  • Clearing a line (10 tiles) = 10 points (plus the points from the tile placed).

  • Clearing 2 lines at once (20 tiles) = 20 points (plus the points from the tile placed).