The main goal of Jewel Shuffle is to match 3 identical jewels (or more) in a row as many times as you can. When you run out of possible moves, the game ends.

You can move jewels around so that at least three of the same jewels are next to each other, either vertically or horizontally. You can only move a jewel one space at a time (i.e. swapping places with a jewel directly adjacent). To do this, you can drag a jewel into the direction you want it to move. If you don’t want to drag, you can also click or tap the jewel you want to move, then click or tap the jewel you want to swap it with.

When the game starts and you perform a match, the bar at the top will start to fill:

When the bar becomes completely full, all tiles will be shuffled and you will move to the next level. In each new level, your score will be multiplied by the level that you’re on. For example, at level 2, your score is doubled and, at level 3, your score is tripled and so on.

If you match 4 identical jewels in a row, it will create a glowing jewel. This can be used to remove all adjacent tiles after matching:

If you manage to line up 5 identical jewels in a single move, you will earn a lot of points and a special Brilliant Jewel which will completely remove all the tiles on the board. Use the Brilliant Jewel wisely!

The key to maxing out your score is simple yet complicated – don’t run out of moves. You can use several tricks to increase your potential moves and extend the game as much as possible:

  1. Match your jewels on the lower rows when possible. Since new jewels drop from above, the longer the jewels “travel” from top to bottom, the higher your chances are of getting auto-matches and earning free points.
  2. Use the magnifying glass Help button if you are not sure you’re making a good move. Clicking on the Help button several times displays all possible moves it does not have any score penalties.
  3. Bonus glowing jewels and Brilliant Jewels can be game-changers. The best strategy is to save them until you are running out of moves and then match them to clear more space. This will automatically create new move opportunities.

Good luck playing Jewel Shuffle, we hope you get a dazzling score and have a great time playing! :)