This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Mahjongg Dimensions Game.

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How to play 

Mahjongg Dimensions is a classic mahjongg solitaire game, but with a unique twist! 

The tiles are not flat, they are three-dimensional and can be rotated in several ways:

  • Use the arrow keys at the bottom left and right of the game screen

  • If you are playing on the desktop, use the ← Left and → Right arrow keys on a keyboard or drag the tiles while holding your left mouse button.

  • If you are playing on a mobile device, tap on any tile and drag your finger to the left or right to rotate the entire puzzle!

Goal. Match all the tiles in a level to progress to the next one.

General rules. The basic game rules are very simple and like traditional Mahjongg Solitaire. Click two tiles to make a match and remove them! 


NOTE: you can only select tiles with open edges (sides that do not border other pieces)


Selecting which tiles to remove becomes more important as you proceed to new levels. 

In general, the best strategy is to remove tiles that open up the most moves possible. 


Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your Mahjong Dimensions gameplay:

1. Familiarize yourself with the tile symbols: Before playing, take some time to learn the different symbols on the Mahjong tiles. This will help you recognize matching pairs quickly and efficiently.

2. Plan ahead: As you play, try to identify which moves will open up the most possibilities for future matches. Plan a few moves in advance to maximize your chances of clearing the board.

3. Rotate the puzzle frequently: Since Mahjong Dimensions is in 3D, it's essential to view the structure from various angles. Rotating the puzzle often will reveal hidden tiles and potential matches.

4. Prioritize exposed tiles: Focus on matching pairs of tiles that are on the top layer or exposed edges of the puzzle. Removing these tiles will reveal more tiles and create new matching possibilities.

5. Work from the outside in: Try to eliminate tiles from the outer layers of the puzzle first, gradually working your way inwards. This strategy will help to avoid blocking any potential matches later in the game.

6. Use the time wisely: Keep an eye on the timer and pace yourself throughout the game. If you're running out of time, try to speed up your tile matching to complete the level before the timer runs out.

7. Practice: Like any game, practice makes perfect. The more you play Mahjong Dimensions, the better you'll become at spotting matches quickly and devising strategies to clear the board efficiently.

Remember to have fun while playing and enjoy the challenge that Mahjong Dimensions provides!


There are two factors that measure your performance: game time and score. 


Game time is straightforward - you have 5 minutes and 50 seconds to gain as much score as possible. The score is a bit more complicated, but the faster you match as the levels progress, the higher score you will receive.

There are main bonuses you should take into consideration while playing:

Score bonuses for completing a level. For completing level 1, you receive 1000 points. For level 2, you receive 2000 points, and so on and so forth.

Speed-match bonus. Speed Matches occur when you make a match within two seconds of a previous match.

The first speed match will result in a 2x multiplier, then a 3x multiplier, and so on.

Speed match bonus = 25 points * the multiplier shown

Multi-Match Bonus. Multi-Matches occur when you make a match with the same symbols as the previous match.

The first Multi-Match will provide a 2x score, then 3x, and so on.

Multi-Match Bonus = 250 * Multi-Match multiplier points

If you can manage to Multi-Match fast while saving your Speed-Match bonus, it will be another double multiplier that can dramatically increase your total score!


General formula. Here is how the score is counted:

Final score = All match points + Complete Level Bonus + Speed-Match Bonus + Multi-Match Bonus


NOTE: if you feel stuck and out of moves, rotate the board more. It will help you to notice more matching possibilities and your speed will drastically increase. In fact, speed is the best way to maximize your score and climb up the leaderboard

We hope you enjoy our 3-dimensional spin on Mahjongg Solitaire. 


Good luck and have a good game! :)