This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium's Bubble Shooter game. 

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How to play


Aim and shoot using your mouse to match bubbles and finish the level to earn more moves





General. Arkadium’s Bubble Shooter is a game about removing colored bubbles. To properly remove them, you need to shoot a cluster of 2 or more bubbles that match the ball you’re shooting. 

NOTE: when the game starts, it's important to survey the groups of colored bubbles that are on the playing field


There are likely some colored bubbles that are arranged close to each other and may lead to a large ‘combo shot’ or others that may allow you to drop other bubbles. Keep these in the back of your mind so you can target them when the opportunity arises.


NOTE: accuracy is very important because you may end up adding bubbles to the playing field rather than removing them. Missing a shot can increase your chances of filling up the playing field and losing the game



Difficulty. While Bubble Shooter is a great game for beginners, the game gets more difficult as you progress. Thankfully, you will receive extra bubbles after finishing a level. Because of these extra balls, it’s a very good idea to finish the first levels using as few moves as possible – this way you can build up extra bubbles for harder levels.   


NOTE: you can switch between 2 different bubbles when shooting - if the next ball is a useful color, you may want to switch to it


Target the Hanging Bubbles. If you see a few bubbles hanging off a group of other bubbles that are the same color, you’re in luck. Rather than trying to shoot off one bubble at a time, wait until you have the right color bubble and target that bubble to drop all the bubbles at once. You’ll free up space instantly and clear up space to shoot further up the playing field.  

Also, make sure to always keep an eye on which bubble you’ll be shooting next. If you know that you’ll be shooting two bubbles of the same color, you can go for a solo bubble in the playing field. If you’re lucky, you can hit a solo bubble that matches the two bubbles in your shooter, like in the below example



Rely on Your Bank Shot. One of the most important tricks in Bubble Shooter is the Bank Shot. Bank Shot is when you angle the shooter at one of the playing field walls so that the bubble bounces off walls. This can be useful when you’re trying to hit harder to reach bubbles. They can also help you squeeze bubbles into blank spaces.                        

NOTE: the Bank Shot can be a lifesaver if you can't find any possible matches on the first row of the playing field



Plan Ahead.  One of the most important elements of winning in Bubble Shooter is planning ahead. When you first see the playing field, you have time to assess your strategy for clearing the board. As you progress, you can develop mini strategies to accomplish your main goal. If you can look at the level and already know how can you beat it, then you already have a major advantage!  

Types of Bubbles


There are several types of bubbles in the game, which have different effects against other bubbles.

Regular Bubble

The regular bubble can be matched with three or more bubbles of the same type. When hit in clusters of 3 or more, it will pop, along with all of the bubbles of the same color touching it.


Lightning Bubble

The lightning bubble, when matched with two of the same color, will horizontally drop every bubble in its own line, giving you a massive advantage.

If you manage to drop the bubbles holding a lightning bubble without popping it, it will be added as your next bubble to fire. This bubble can fire in a line clearing any path you want in the board.

Steel Bubble

The steel bubble can't be matched with others of the same color. It functions as an obstacle. To drop one, simply clear all of the bubbles around it, so that it can fall.

Explosive Bubble

The explosive bubble blows up all of the others around it, as long as it's hit by any bubble, no matter the color. If you manage to match the bubbles around it and drop it, it will be added as your next bubble to fire, with the same effect, but under your control.

Ice Bubble

Clusters of ice bubbles will be an obstacle for you. These bubbles can't be matched with others of the same color, but you can slowly melt them by matching bubbles around them. Any bubble matching done that's touching ice bubbles, will convert the touching ice bubbles to the same color.



Introducing the all-new power-ups. These are bonus items that can help you defeat hard obstacles in the game. They can be purchased for gems, and one of each is included for Arkadium Advantage subscribers.


The Instant Lightning will add a lightning bubble to the top of your cannon, while the Heat Wave will melt the frozen bubbles into the same color as the bubble on the top of your cannon.


Bubbles popped by match: 10 * number of bubbles popped * multiplier 


Bubbles popped by falling down: 10 * 2 * number of bubbles popped * multiplier [in other words, bubbles that fall down are worth 2x as much as matched bubbles] 


NOTE: completing a level adds +1 to the multiplier