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How to play

General rules. Each Hurdle puzzle contains a secret five-letter word you'll need to solve every day. You have six guesses to try to get it right. After each guess, the tiles' colors will indicate how close your guess was to the word:

  • If the tile turns green, it's the correct letter in the right spot.

  • If the tile turns yellow, the letter is in the word but not in the right spot.

  • If the tile turns grey, the letter is not found in the word.

The 5th and final Hurdle puzzle will be prefilled with the answers from the previous 4 Hurdles. 

NOTE: you only have 2 chances to solve the final Hurdle


The game has 4 regular Hurdles and a final Hurdle that is prefilled with answers and only has 2 guesses.

General scoring formula. Score = 700 - (100 * Number of Guesses) + (10 * Number of Green Squares).

For example: 

  • Player guesses the word on the first try = 700 - (100 * 1 Number of Guesses) + (10 * 5 Number of Green Squares) = 650 points.

  • Player took 3 guesses = 700 - (100 * 3 Number of Guesses) + (10 * 9 Number of Green Squares) = 490 points.

For hurdles 2-4, the first guess is pre-filled so there is no opportunity to get it correct on the first guess. 

The maximum score for hurdles 2-4. Score = 700 - (100 * 2nd guess) + (10 * 9 green squares) = 590 points. 

NOTE: the number of green squares in the pre-filled guess is entirely up to luck, but it's the same for every player since they all receive the same puzzle

Final Hurdle scoring formula. Score = 750 - (250 * Number of Guesses).

NOTE: number of green squares doesn't affect the score in the final round

Maximum score. Score = (650 first Hurdle) + (590 * 3 other regular Hurdles) + (500 final Hurdle) = 2920.