This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Crystal Collapse Game. 


Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Crystal Collapse. 

How to play

Match clusters of crystals, create exciting combos and reach new heights of fun in this captivating collapse-style game.

General rules. Click or tap crystal clusters to clear them. 

Goal. To advance to the next level you need to complete the level goal - clear all obstacles. You can find the level goal in the widget on the left. The more levels you complete, the more difficult goals you get.

EXAMPLE: on the screenshot below the goal is to clear 13 logs

NOTE: make a match near obstacles, to clear them. The number on obstacles indicates how many matches you need to make to clear them


Fireball.  Match crystals to charge and launch glowing white fireballs that will clear random obstacles. 


North Star.  Match 5 or 6 crystals to create a North Star power that blasts away crystals in a horizontal or vertical direction.

Bear Paw. Match 7 or 8 crystals to create a Bear Paw power that clears a 3x3 group of crystals on your board.

Bird Power. Match 9 or more crystals to create a Bird power that clears any crystals of the same color.

Power combos. Match adjacent powers to activate a combo.


Stones. Stones can be cleared only by powers.

Bubbles. Make a match with a crystal inside the bubble and watch it disappear. 


General formula. The general scoring formula looks like the following:

Score = 10 * Number of Tiles Cleared * Number of the Current Level.