This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Mahjongg Candy Game.

Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Mahjongg Candy. 

How to play

Goal. Mahjong Candy requires you to tap two matching mahjong tiles to remove them from the board. 

NOTE: only unblocked tiles can be picked! Unblocked refers to a Mahjongg Candy tile that has an open edge and nothing on top of it


Here are some tips specifically tailored for Mahjong Candy:

1. Recognize candy tile designs: Spend some time getting familiar with the various candy-themed tile designs in the game. This will help you identify matching pairs quickly.

2. Match special tiles first: Some Mahjong Candy versions include special or unique tiles that may offer bonuses or additional abilities. Prioritize matching these tiles to take advantage of their benefits.

3. Identify key blockers: As you play, try to recognize which tiles are blocking access to other tiles. Prioritize removing these blocker tiles to expose more of the board and create new matching opportunities.

4. Clear corner tiles: Start by clearing the corner tiles when possible, as this can help open up the board and reveal new matches.

5. Mind the time or move limit: Keep an eye on the timer or move counter to manage your pace. Adjust your strategy accordingly to ensure you can complete the level within the given constraints.

6. Don't rush: While being mindful of the time or move limit, take a moment to scan the board for the best possible match instead of quickly making a random match. This approach will help you avoid creating dead ends or running out of matches.

7. Look for multiple possible matches: Before making a match, check to see if there are other tiles with the same design available. Choosing the right pair to match can sometimes open up more options on the board.

8. Experiment with different strategies: As you play, try out different techniques to determine which approach works best for you. Some players might excel at working from the outer edges inwards, while others may prefer to clear specific sections of the board first.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and as you play more Mahjong Candy, your ability to quickly recognize matches and develop effective strategies will improve. Enjoy the game, and have fun!


General scoring. Each basic Mahjong Candy match is worth 200 points, and you will want to match your multiplier tiles as early as you can to maximize your Mahjong Candy score.

Tile-Matching Multiplier Bonus. This multiplier equals the number of tiles you've matched in a row: X2, X4, X6 (no more than X12).

Multi-Match Bonus. Multi-matches occur when you make a match with the same symbols as the previous match

  • The first multi-match will display X2, then X3, and so on.
  • Multi match bonus points = 500 * multi-match multiplier points.

Time Bonus. The time bonus equals the number of seconds left * 400.

Shuffle. The shuffle function reduces the number of seconds left by 20 seconds.