The Game


Your goal is to pocket the 9 ball correctly: whoever does it first wins.

You can pocket balls in any order, but the one you hit first (with the cue ball) must be the one with the LOWEST NUMBER. Only after all other balls have been pocketed you can hit the 9 ball directly. 

Should you pocket a 9 ball incorrectly (committing a FOUL, which is described in a separate section), it will reset to its original position, or as close to it as possible.



You alternate turns with your opponent. 

When you pocket a ball correctly, you are always given a free additional shot. You can chain this effect multiple times. 

A move that goes against the rules (FOUL) will ruin your streak, negate your free shot, and pass the turn to the opponent. The same applies to you if your opponent fouls. 

Any balls pocketed remain pocketed but reward no score. 9 ball pocketed with a foul is reset to its original starting position (or as close to it as possible).


You foul when:

  • You do not hit any balls or cushion (table edge) with the cue ball.
  • The ball you hit does not touch anything else, is not pocketed and does not hit a cushion.
  • You hit a wrong ball first (not the one with the lowest number).
  • You break the pyramid without any balls being pocketed and with less than four balls hitting cushions.
  • You pocket a cue ball, with or without any other balls.

Moving the ball

When permitted, one may place the cue ball manually to the desired position.

While the cue ball is highlighted with a circle, you can drag it before striking.

After your opponent fouls, you will always be able to do so; you can also drag the cue ball (in a limited area) while breaking the pyramid. 

English spin

You can spin the cue ball by aiming at specific points.

  • The center: normal hit.
  • Slightly below the center: STUNS the ball, making it stop dead after hit.
  • Above the center: FOLLOW, moving in the same direction after hit.
  • Below the center: DRAW, moving backwards after hit.
  • Left and right: leans to left or right after the hit.