Blackjack is a truly iconic game, the ultimate casino challenge. The goal is to win as much money as possible from the house (represented by a DEALER). The dealer, unlike you, does not make his own decisions, so it’s all about your patience, luck, and careful calculation of your strategy. Enjoy the game!

Bets and Chips

First, at the start of each round, you will need to make a BET. It can be anywhere from $1 to All In. By clicking your chips of appropriate value, you place your bet on the table (you can click the bet on the table to take the chips back). Once cards are dealt, bets cannot be changed until the next round. An All-In button will bet all your money at once if you feel lucky!


Once a bet is made, click DEAL. The dealer will give you two cards, which form your HAND, and two cards to themselves. One of the dealer’s cards will be hidden at first. To win, you need to ensure the combined value of your cards is greater than that of the dealer.

Hit and Stand

You can add more cards, one by one, by choosing to HIT, but be wary: you must never exceed 21. Whoever gets more than 21 loses automatically. Once you’re ready to play the hand, click STAND. The dealer will then reveal their hidden card, and must always Hit if they have 16 or lower. When they have 17 or more, they will stop hitting.

Card Value

An Ace can be worth either 11 or 1, automatically picked to give the best possible combination. Any face card (J,Q,K) is worth 10, and any other card is worth is the nominal value. For example, Queen and 10 are worth 20, while King and Ace are worth 21. Ace and 9 will be worth 20, but if a 7 is added, an Ace will become 1, for a total of 7+9+1 = 17.


Whoever gets exactly 21, in most cases, wins. A tie (PUSH) will simply refund the bet to the player. Going over 21 (busting) is an instant loss. You win by making the dealer go over 21, or by having a higher value, such as 20 against the dealer’s 19. Blackjack, a natural 21 (with the two initial cards) beats any combination except another Blackjack, even a non-Blackjack 21. Winning will reward you with double your bet – for example, $2000 for a bet of $1000, to $1000 of pure benefit. A Blackjack has a slightly higher payoff of 3 to 2, such as $2500 for a bet of $1000, or $1500 of pure benefit.

Double and Split

Unlike the dealer, you can DOUBLE your bet once cards are dealt (but before you Hit or Stand). You will have to take exactly one more card, and then immediately Stand. If you get two cards of the same value (such as 7 and 7, A and A, or even 10 and K), you can play that hand, or choose to SPLIT.

When you Split, you make two new hands, each with the bet equal to your initial bet, composed of one of your duplicate cards and one new card each. Once Split, each new hand will be played like usual, against the same hand of the dealer, with separate win or loss. You can even Split again if possible, up to 3 times per deal. Both Double and Split can only be done if you have enough money in the bank to increase your bet.


INSURANCE is a move you can make after cards are dealt but before any other actions. If the dealer’s revealed card is an Ace (a high chance for Blackjack), you can choose to place an additional bet, half of its original size. This bet is separate from the actual bet. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, the insurance is lost, and the game continues. If the dealer does get a Blackjack, however, you will win double (2 to 1) of your insurance. The dealer will still win the deal, but you will make up for the loss (to even money). Use it if you think there are lots of 10-cards left in the deck.

Changing the rules

You can choose to change the rules of the game at any time, though a deal in progress will finish before the changes take effect on the next deal. The things you can adjust: Will the dealer hit on soft 17 (when they have a value of 17 with an Ace+6)? How many full 52-card decks will the cards be drawn from? The more decks, the larger the pool. Do you want to allow Insurance? Do you want to automatically make a bet equal to your last bet on each round?

Advice and Shuffle

You can use ADVICE to ask advice from the dealer. Based on your hand, which cards remain in the deck, and how likely you are to bust if you hit, you will be advised to hit, stand, double or split. Shuffling the deck occurs between rounds, once less than 60 cards remain in the combined decks. If a single deck is used, it is reshuffled every round. Until shuffled, the deck will not reuse the cards that have already been dealt.

Cash Out and Score

Once you believe you’ve set a record, use Cash Out to claim your high score! This will conclude your game… Or you can make a new bet to try and win even more. It's a risky game, but fortune favors the bold. Your progress is saved if you quit, so come back later to continue. Should you run out of money, try again: there's no limit on attempts! We wish you a gambler’s lucky streak!