This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Mahjong Remix Game.

Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Mahjong Remix. 

How to play

As in classic Mahjong, your task is to match tiles that:

  • Have the same designs 

  • Aren't "covered" by other tiles 

But here's the difference: You can only match tiles that connected by three "lines" or fewer. Pretend you're drawing a line between the tiles you're trying to match, but your only turns can be right angles. 


NOTE: if your path has more than three lines, it's not a valid match

Time. Keep an eye on the timer! You have 7 minutes for 5 rounds, which is 1 min and 24 seconds for 1 round on average.


General scoring. Your Game Score equals all points gained from matching tiles.

A tile match is worth 100 points

Matching bonus. You earn bonus points for quickly matching the same tiles in 3 seconds or less. The bonus is 20 + 10 * the number of quickly matched tiles

Round Score = 1,000 points per round completed

Time Score = 10 points for each second left when the game is over

Final Score (if the game is completed) = Game Score + Total Round Score +Time Score

Final Score (if time expires) = Game Score + Total Round Score