This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium's Scramble Words game. 

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How to play

Scramble Words is the game that tests both your dictionary knowledge and ability to discover new words!

Goal. The basic concept of the game is very straightforward: you have a total of 4 minutes and 40 seconds to complete 4 levels that get more difficult. 

To get a head start, you’ll want to complete the first two levels in less than a minute each and save precious time for the last two levels.

General rules. To complete a level, you need to find all the target words that are hidden behind the boxes. To do this, create words out of the set of letters you are provided by clicking on them or typing on your keyboard. 

If you found a target word that way, congratulations! You are one step closer to completing a level! :)


Bonus bar. As you can see, finding a target word partially fills in the bonus bar. When this bar is filled completely, it will reveal one of the target letters!


NOTE: another way to fill the bonus bar is to find bonus words which are not target words. This requires some exploration and out of the box thinking!


Bonus words. Finding bonus words is a great way to get bonus letters that help you reveal target words. 

NOTE: bonus words provide extra score!


Game dictionary. There is a built-in dictionary in the game that consists of 40,276 words but does not include every word. 

Also, the longest possible word is only 7 letters long.

Playing on mobile platforms. If you're playing Scramble Words on your phone, your method of inserting letters will work differently. You will see the letters displayed on the bottom of the screen like this.

In order to insert words, all you need to do, is drag your finger across each letter in order of each of the words you choose to insert.

Once you've inserted a full word, it will be added to the total.


As you can see, everything matters if you want to complete the game most efficiently. So, here are some tips that can help you to improve your performance:

Common sequences. First, look for common sequences of words that start a word (prefixes) or end a word (suffixes). 

EXAMPLE: if you notice you have the letters -ING, set those to one side and see whet you can make with the other letters


For puzzles, this really narrows down your choices. The same logic applies when you see an 'S' in your letters. Set it aside and see if there are any obvious pluralization options for the remaining letters.

Consonant patterns. Another good trick is to start with common consonant patterns and swap out vowels. Pick 2 consonants and start swapping vowels around them. This type of quick thinking can help you max out your points by unscrambling lots of words.

About 80% of the English language is pretty formulaic once you're familiar with the root words and common prefixes/suffixes. The other twenty percent consists of borrowed words and oddball stuff that don't fit neatly into a pattern.

Wordlist. Using scratch paper can really help if you're a visual person, but you also can always look at the list of found words directly in-game. To do that, go to "Menu" and select "Words found":

The neat thing about Scramble Words is the more you play and solve puzzles, the better you will get. Even if you didn't manage to complete all 4 levels in time, you can still learn something new by clicking on the "Words" button at the game-end screen. It will show you which words you didn’t find.



We added this feature after many players suggested it! We’re always glad to improve your gameplay experience and help you have more fun along the way :)


General formula:

Final score (if the game is completed) = Game Score + Total Round Score + Time Score

Final score (if time expires) = Game Score + Total Round Score – 2,000 points

Round score = 2,000 points per round completed

Time score = 100 points * number of seconds left.

Target word found without a hint.

100 points * Word Length

Target word found with a hint.

50 points * Word Length

Bonus word found

100 points * Word Length