This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Snake Game.

Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Snake. 

How to play

Snake is a perfect example of a good old classic arcade game—those are our favorite types of games at Arkadium and we’re happy to share our version of Snake with you! 

Difficulty. Snake is a very tricky game because it’s easy to play, but tremendously hard to master. At the title screen, we offer 3 difficulty levels. After you play a round in each, you will see your best results on this screen. 

NOTE: if you're a beginner, please start on Easy to comfortably learn the controls and basics


If you’re already an experienced player, then jump right into Medium and Hard difficulty—they contain challenging obstacles to spice up your gameplay and make it more dynamic!

Controls. The default controls are exactly like you remember: on a desktop device, use your keyboard keys or WASD to move around. However, on a mobile device, just swipe up, down, left, or right to move the snake.

Lives. In our Snake game, you start with 5 lives, so you have 5 chances with the same snake! You lose a life when you hit the border of the game field, an obstacle, or yourself. If you hit any of these obstacles, your head and tail will be swapped – allowing you to begin moving in the opposite direction of your current position.

Goal. The goal of Snake is to not lose your lives for as long as you can. 



There are many different strategies to keep the snake alive, but here are some basic tips:

1. Practicing will definitely improve your gameplay. You actually start at higher difficulty levels once you are comfortable with the controls. 

2. Don’t rush to develop your skills. Try to get the most out of every level that you play and learn from it. Always find time to maneuver the snake properly and avoid your tail constantly.

3. Stay on the edge of the screen. Staying along the edge will help ensure that you have enough space to move the snake. It’s also easier to avoid running into the snake’s tail if you do this.

4. Move with purpose while keeping your movements short and quick. It helps to return to the edge of the screen when you can and control your movements as much as possible. This is a tip that’s easier said than done, especially when you approach obstacles quickly. However, keeping your cool is a tactic that will help you get that next high score.

5. Zigzag a lot when your snake is very long and is starting to fill up the screen. Move the snake in the shape of a ladder to free up space and better avoid hitting the snake’s tail.

The final and biggest tip is that the game will eventually end! Despite your best efforts, you can’t grow the snake forever – have fun while it lasts, and good luck! :)