This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium's 8 Ball Pool game. 

Use the list below to navigate specific topics about 8 Ball Pool. 

How to play

Difficulty level. Before starting your pool game, you have the option to choose Easy, Medium, and Hard. The harder it is the more accurate the opponent's moves will be.

How to aim. You aim your pool cue and set the power of a shot by holding the mouse button. Your goal is to pocket the colored pool balls of your type, while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

The eight ball. After you pocket all seven of your pool balls, you need to pocket the eight ball (black ball) to win — hence the name 8-ball pool. You must also pocket the black ball exactly into the pocket you choose.

NOTE: be careful! Hitting the black ball into the wrong pocket, or pocketing the black ball before the other seven, results in an instant loss


Additional shot. When you pocket a ball correctly, you are always given a free additional shot. You can chain this effect multiple times. A move that goes against the rules (a foul) will ruin your streak, negate your free shot, and pass the turn to the opponent. 

Fouls. You foul when: 

  • You do not hit any balls or a cushion (the table’s edge) with the cue ball. 
  • The ball you hit does not touch anything else, is not pocketed, and does not hit a cushion. 
  • You hit an opponent’s ball first (or hit black 8 ball while you still have colored balls). Note that before the sides are determined, any player is safe to hit any ball. 
  • You pocket an 8 ball into the wrong pocket (not the one you chose) if that rule is chosen. 
  • On the break shot, no balls are pocketed and fewer than four balls hit the cushions. 
  • You pocket a cue ball. 


English spin. You can spin the cue ball by aiming at specific points:

  • The center: a normal hit. 
  • Slightly below the center: STUNS the ball, making it stop dead after the hit. 
  • Above the center: FOLLOW, moving in the same direction after the hit. 
  • Below the center: DRAW, moving backwards after the hit. 
  • Left and right: leans to left or right after the hit. 

Moving the ball. When permitted, one may place the cue ball manually in the desired position. While the cue ball is highlighted with a circle, you can drag it before striking. After your opponent fouls, you will always be able to do so; you can also drag the cue ball in the limited area while breaking the pyramid.



General scoring. Do not decrease points for fouls; instead, award an extra score for proper moves.

  • Making a move that does not pocket a ball: 0
  • Pocket your own ball: 500
  • Pocket opponent ball: 100
  • Pocket a ball without any fouls: extra 500
  • Pocket an 8 ball correctly: 5000
  • Any successful move (without fouls) that pockets a ball past first in the chain: 500

Difficulty bonus. There are three levels of the difficulty bonus: 

  • Easy: 0
  • Medium: +50%
  • Hard: +100%

Achievements. The user gets a new achievement panel and bonus score every time he performs a cool play trick:

  • Leman’s shot (pocket 2 balls with opening hit): 5000
  • One cue (win the entire game without ever letting the opponent shoot): 20000
  • Double strike (pocket 2 balls in one shot): extra 1000
  • Triple strike (pocket 3 balls in one shot): extra 3000
  • Quad strike (pocket 4 balls in one shot): extra 10000
  • Never miss (not a single shot that misses or fails to pocket): extra 3000
  • Perfection (not a single foul): extra 2000
  • Chain (pocket a ball after hitting at least 3 others): extra 2000
  • Dumb luck (win a game after fouling every single shot): extra 10000
  • Last stand (win when only an 8 ball is on the table, by pocketing it correctly): extra 5000

NOTE: achievements are not affected by difficulty