This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Lumeno Game.

Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Lumeno. 

How to play

Draw through at least three balls of the same color to blow them. 

Draw through the Flowers to earn more moves. 

Draw through bonuses to clear more balls.


First turn. For your first turn, you want to chain the maximum number of balls in a single move.
NOTE: if you blow 4+ balls, it creates a random bonus on the board
In the example below, we’ve removed 8 balls, what created two random bonuses (see image below). 

Bonus #1: If you use this bonus in a chain, it will blow up all other balls around the last ball in that chain, not around the original position of the bonus! 

Bonus #2: This bonus can be displayed as horizontal or vertical arrows. Using this bonus in a chain will also trigger its effect from the last ball of that chain. 

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Third turn. After every 3 moves, the Flower ball will appear on the board.

The Flower always has a number indicating how many balls you need to chain to remove it. Once you remove the flower, you will receive 5 extra moves and your score multiplier will increase by 1. 


NOTE: your main objective is to remove the Flowers as fast as you can

When you remove a Flower, another one will appear on the board. Each new Flower will require 5 additional balls in a chain to clear it.

NOTE: don’t use your bonuses for anything but chaining it with the Flower Create long chains of simple balls, then combine all the resulting bonuses in a single devastating chain with the Flower (see image below)


NOTE: if you don't use more than 5 turns to set up a chained bonus Flower clear, you can permanently sustain your number of moves and significantly multiply your score


Lumeno offers five different boosts that can tremendously increase your performance. There is a restriction that you can use only 1 of each boost per level, so it will be an excellent play to combine different boosts after each other. This cooldown resets after you altogether remove a flower orb. Here is a breakdown of each of the boosts:

Tears is the perfect boost when all you need is 1 connection between two groups of the same color. Select this boost, target the orb that you want to change, and select the desired color at the pop-up above. It can help with creating a huge game changing chain.

Shatter clears the selected orb. You can use it to shift the game board, change the flower orb's position, or directly activate the orb with arrows. In this example, shatter is used to drop the flower orb into part of a scoring chain.

Star can upgrade an orb and add arrows to it. This is always useful to prolong the chain with a flower orb and remove more orbs on the way. Star can also be applied to connect several arrow orbs with each other.

Swap is a boost that switches the placement of the flower orb with another different orb on a board. This boost may not be considered as good as some others without any special conditions. But if you currently have a flower orb in an awful position (for example, cornered far away from arrow orbs), this boost may be a remarkable turnaround to place the flower orb in a good chain spot.

Wisps is the boost that creates four wisps around random regular orbs when used. Once you remove the orb with a wisp around it, it will create an extra arrow orb on the board. It is beneficial when you don't have many arrow orbs on the board, and you need an additional generating source to create a successful chain.


Base scoring. The player earns 50 points for each cleared tile + 10 points for each additional tile over 3:

3 tiles cleared = 150 points 
4 tiles cleared = 200 + 10 points = 210 points 
5 tiles cleared = 250 + 10 + 20 points = 280 points 
6 tiles cleared = 300 + 10 + 20 + 30 points = 360 points 
7 tiles cleared = 350 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 points = 450 points 
8 tiles cleared = 550 points 

Bonuses. Each tile cleared by bonuses provides the same amount of points as outlined above.

Multiplier. The default multiplier equals 1. Removing the flower provides a +1 multiplier to score for all further moves.