This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Lumeno Game.

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How to play

To play Lumeno, drag a path with your mouse through three or more orbs of the same color to clear them from the game. Draw through boost orbs to clear more spaces, and draw through flowers to progress and earn more moves. Clear the Boss Orb to level up! You can drag your path up, down, left, right and diagonally.


First turn. For your first turn, you should chain the maximum number of orbs in a single move.
NOTE: if you clear more than 4 orbs, it creates a random bonus on the board

In the image below, after clearing 8 orbs, two random bonuses appeared on the board.


1. Multi-directional bonus: If you use this bonus in a chain, it will blow up all other orbs around it. The orb affected by the bonus will be the final one linked by the chain, not the bonus orb.

2. Horizontal or Vertical bonus: This bonus can be identified by its horizontal or vertical arrows. Using this bonus in a chain will also trigger its effect from the last orb of that chain, clearing all of the orbs horizontally or vertically.

Third turn. After three turns, the Flower Orb will appear on the board.

The Flower is your main objective. To remove it, you need to chain it with as many orbs as its number shows. Once you remove the flower, you will receive five extra moves, and your score multiplier will increase by 1.


NOTE: In order to complete your main objective, you need to remove the Flowers using as few moves as you can

When you remove a Flower, another one will appear on the board. Each new Flower will require five additional orbs in a chain to clear it.

NOTE: try not using your bonuses for anything except chaining them with the Flower orb. Create long chains of simple orbs, then combine all the resulting bonuses in a single devastating chain with the Flower for massive points (see image below)

Using less than 5 moves to clear a Flower with a chained bonus means you can keep your number of moves for the next level and significantly multiply your score.

Arkadium Advantage subscribers have an extra bonus of 5 moves every two levels.


Lumeno offers five different boosts that can tremendously increase your performance. However, you can only use one of each per turn, so try and use them strategically.

Arkadium Advantage subscribers have boosts renewal at every level.

This cooldown resets after the flower orb has been removed. Here is an explanation of what each boost does:

Tears allow you to change one orb to the color of your choice. Select this boost, target the orb you want to change, and select the desired color in the pop-up menu above. You can use this when all you need is a small connection between two large orb groups. It can help with creating a huge game-changing chain for massive scores.

Shatter clears a single orb of your choice. You can use it to shift the game board, change the flower orb's position, or directly activate any bonus orb. In this example, shatter drops the flower orb into part of a scoring chain.

Star upgrades a regular orb into a bonus one. This can be useful to prolong your chain with a flower orb and remove any others on the way. Star can also be applied to connect several arrow orbs with each other for a massive score gain.

Swap swaps the current place of the flower orb with a different orb on the board. While it doesn't seem as useful for big scores, it can get you out of tricky situations where a flower orb may seem inaccessible at the time in order to put it in a more advantageous position.

Wisps is the boost that creates four lights (wisps) around random regular orbs when used. Whenever you remove the orb with a wisp around it, it will create an extra bonus orb on the board. It can turn a board without any bonus orbs or chance of large scores into a game full of exciting opportunities to score big with massive chains.

Arkadium Advantage subscribers have boosts renewal at every level. 

However, for non-subscribers, you can access boosts by watching ads. This is how to do it:

If it's available, the boost will have an ad icon next to it.

You can then choose to watch an ad in exchange for 4 boosts of a kind.


Base scoring. The player earns 50 points for each cleared tile + 10 points for each additional tile over 3:

3 tiles cleared = 150 points 
4 tiles cleared = 200 + 10 points = 210 points 
5 tiles cleared = 250 + 10 + 20 points = 280 points 
6 tiles cleared = 300 + 10 + 20 + 30 points = 360 points 
7 tiles cleared = 350 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 points = 450 points 
8 tiles cleared = 550 points 

Bonuses. Each tile cleared by bonuses provides the same amount of points as outlined above.

Multiplier. The default multiplier equals 1. Removing the flower provides a +1 multiplier to score for all further moves.