This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Lumeno Game.

Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Lumeno. 

How to play

Draw through at least three balls of the same color to blow them. 

Draw through the Flowers to earn more moves. 

Draw through boosts to clear more balls.


First turn. For your first turn, you want to chain the maximum number of balls in a single move.

NOTE: if you blow 4+ balls, it creates a random boost on the board



In the example below, we’ve removed 8 balls, what created two random boosts (see image below). 

Boost #1: If you use this boost in a chain, it will blow up all other balls around the last ball in that chain, not around the original position of the boost! 

Boost #2: This boost can be displayed as horizontal or vertical arrows. Using this boost in a chain will also trigger its effect from the last ball of that chain. 

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Third turn. After every 3 moves, the Flower ball will appear on the board.

The Flower always has a number indicating how many balls you need to chain to remove it. Once you remove the flower, you will receive 5 extra moves and your score multiplier will increase by 1. 

NOTE: your main objective is to remove the Flowers as fast as you can


When you remove a Flower, another one will appear on the board. Each new Flower will require 5 additional balls in a chain to clear it.

NOTE: don’t use your boosts for anything but chaining it with the Flower

Create long chains of simple balls, then combine all the resulting boosts in a single devastating chain 

with the Flower (see image below).



NOTE: if you don't use more than 5 turns to set up a chained boost Flower clear, you can permanently sustain your number of moves and significantly multiply your score


Base scoring. The player earns 50 points for each cleared tile + 10 points for each additional tile over 3:

3 tiles cleared = 150 points 
4 tiles cleared = 200 + 10 points = 210 points 
5 tiles cleared = 250 + 10 + 20 points = 280 points 
6 tiles cleared = 300 + 10 + 20 + 30 points = 360 points 
7 tiles cleared = 350 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 points = 450 points 
8 tiles cleared = 550 points 

Boosts. Each tile cleared by boosts provides the same amount of points as outlined above.

Multiplier. The default multiplier equals 1. Removing the flower provides a +1 multiplier to score for all further moves.