This article contains everything you need to know about Arkadium’s Word Wipe Game. 


Use the list below to navigate specific topics about Word Wipe. 

How to Play 

Word Wipe is a fast, fun, and feverish game with a simple concept — you join tiles of individual letters together into lines to create words. 

What makes Word Wipe puzzles unique is that you compete against a clock. This means that the faster you can turn letter combinations into words the more points you get.  

General rules

Click and drag along a line of at least 3 letters to form a word. Release the mouse to submit. When you submit a word, you will get points. More complex words are worth more points.

NOTE: you can also select letters by clicking them one at a time. Click the last letter again to submit the word

Clear vertical or horizontal lines to complete the goal before the timer expires and the game ends. 



The Word Wipe puzzle sets goals for how many lines you must clear and gives you a time allowance for you to achieve this. 

NOTE: if you complete the goals, you score points and move up levels in your Word Wipe game. If you don't clear enough rows within the allocated time scale, then it's game over


You can get 2 bombs by watching a reward video. You can drag Bonus Bombs on the grid to any letter, and it will remove the letter it’s placed on. Any tiles above the removed tile will drop down.  




Keyboard control

You can save time with keyboard shortcuts available in the game.


Long words

Word Wipe gives you points for completing words on the letter tile board. 

While it’s a great idea to get some quick wins to raise your confidence, if you want to score high during your Word Wipe game then you need to aim for words that are longer and more complicated. 

So, a good strategy is to broaden your vocabulary before you play Word Wipe. 

There are some great vocabulary apps that you can use to increase the number of words you can draw on when playing the game. This will give you the chance to find higher value words on the board. 

Bonus bomb charge

Another brilliant tactic is to charge bonus bombs. 

Bonus bombs provide a massive boost to your score because they allow you to clear a 3x3 block of tiles in one go. Using them can earn you thousands of points, putting you in a great position to finish with a high score. 

Keep submitting words after you meet the goal to charge bonus bombs. After you reach 500 bonus points, you will receive a bonus bomb. 




At each new level, the difficulty increases.  

EXAMPLE: in level 1, you have 120 seconds to clear one vertical or horizontal line of letters. In level 2, you have 120 seconds to clear two vertical or horizontal lines of letters.

Additionally, after level 10, your time for each level is reduced by 10 seconds. For example, at level 11, you will need to clear 11 lines within 110 seconds, and, at level 12, you will need to clear 12 lines within 100 seconds.

At level 16, you would have 60 seconds to complete the level and this number would remain the same for the further levels in the game. 

NOTE: the number of levels is unlimited

Three same letters

You can select and remove actual words or sequences of the same three letters in a row.

EXAMPLE: you can select O-O-O to remove it, but it will only bring you a small number of points


NOTE: the Word Length Multiplier doesn't apply to words or letter combinations like O-O-O that only contain identical letters

All-time Best Words 

If you achieve a word with 6 letters or more, you'll have an All-time Best Word. Achieving one of these words will cause the letter icons to shine, as seen in the screenshot below.

At the end of the level, you'll see the word added to your list of All-Time Best Words. You can share this achievement with your friends by clicking on the "Share" icon. You can also click to continue onto the next level.

On the title screen of Word Wipe, you can also check out your All-Time Best Words by clicking on the trophy cup, which will take you to the statistics screen. There, you can check out all of the All-Time Best Words you have achieved, as well as other all-time statistics.


For each letter in the list below, a certain number of points are given. If the letter is not on the list below, then only 1 point is given. 




C, M, P, T, U 




D, R, S, H, I 





The total number of points per word is calculated as the sum of the number of points for each letter multiplied by two, then multiplied by the length of the word:

score = (w + o + r + d) * 2 * Word Length; 


EXAMPLE: because the word REACT contains 5 letters, the score = (2+1+1+4+4)*2*5 = 120 points  

Using Gems

You can use Gems to give yourself an advantage in the game.

The first way in which you can use Gems, is to purchase extra time when starting each level. This will give you 30 extra seconds to finish a level before the timer runs out. You can do so by clicking in the option as shown before a level. You can also gain 2 extra bombs by watching an ad. 

Subscribers have two free bombs each stage without having to watch ads.

You can also use them to use boosts in the middle of the game, in the Boost shop.

Shuffle will shuffle all of the tiles in the game so that you can have a different chance when picking out words.

Magnifying Glass will find you full words as you select letters. When you're close to figuring out a specfic word, a glow will appear around your selected tile.

You can then select the final letter with this assistance.

The final way to use Gems, is at the end of the timer, without being able to achieve the objective. You can buy 30 extra seconds and have a second opportunity by clicking in the option as shown.