What are gems? 

Gems are a virtual currency that you can now use to accelerate and customize your gameplay. How will gems make your favorite games more fun? Let's find out.

Get right to the fun by using gems to skip the video ads that play before your game starts. Look for the "Skip this ad" button on the game's loading screen and click to skip. The gems will be automatically deducted from your balance. If you'd like to remove ads altogether, subscribe to Arkadium Advantage. Subscribers not only enjoy ad-free gameplay, but they also automatically save 15% on every gem purchase.

How do I purchase gems?

Gems are a one-time purchase with no commitments or recurring charges.

You can browse the Arkadium shop before you buy.

Here’s how to do that:

1. Sign in to your Arkadium profile.

2. At the top of the Arkadium website, click the Shop icon.

If you're already signed in, you can visit the shop here.

Coming soon

If you're not ready to try gems to skip ads, you can still enjoy your favorite games with an ad-supported experience. Watch this space as gems are coming to some of your favorite games very soon – you’ll be able to redeem gems for boosts to accelerate and customize your gameplay. Stay tuned!

Currently, you can use gems to customize your gameplay in the following games: 

  • Family Feud 

    You can reveal first letter of highest-ranking unanswered answer. Only usable once per round. 
  • Hurdle

    You can get a clue about a target word;

    You can reveal up to 3 gray letters on the keyboard that haven’t been guessed yet;

    You can reveal a green letter in the next row at random that hasn’t been found as green or yellow yet.  

  • Bubble Shooter

    There are two power-ups available for you to use;

    The Instant Lightning will add a lightning bubble to the top of your cannon 

    Heat Wave will melt the frozen bubbles into the same color as the bubble on the top of your cannon.