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How to play

In this part, we'll describe the game's rules.

To play The Price Is Right Plinko Pegs, you must drop chips down the Plinko board and try to land them in the pockets at the bottom of the board. Before each round, you can select one upgrade to add to the board or your coins. If you receive additional upgrades to add walls, magnets or special pegs, simply click the board to ensure that you make the most of them.

To win The Price Is Right Plinko Pegs, you must accomplish a specific goal each round in order to progress to the next round. If you keep adding more upgrades and completing rounds, you will earn a high score on the leaderboard. Reach new heights the longer you play The Price Is Right Plinko Pegs!

Welcome to The Price Is Right online game! Are you all ready? Then, come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price Is Right Plinko Pegs!


This chapter is about some strategies on how to perform better.

The Price Is Right Plinko Pegs is a game about dropping  Plinko chips down the board to the pockets at the bottom. You start the game with 5 chips and must use them to reach your first score goal of 1000 points. The goal increases each round, and it becomes more challenging. There are upgrades you can use to help reach your goal throughout the game.

NOTE: before each round, you can choose 1 of 3 random upgrades


They serve different goals and appear with varying levels of rarity, indicated by stars. Let's break down what they do:

Extra Chip. A straightforward yet very effective upgrade that adds 1 extra chip to the top of the stack for each round. More chips provide more possibilities to reach your score goal.

Bouncy Pegs. Transforms 2 pegs on a board into Bouncy Pegs, which bounce back chips with extra force when hit, multiplying the score gained by the impact, generating more value. It is helpful to place this upgrade in places where you want your chips to hit several times, boosting their speed and score along the way.


Pocket +3000. Another straightforward upgrade. You can choose which pocket to apply the upgrade to increase its value by +3000. Most of the time, you want to set up your upgrades around a specific area, and many of your chips will be dropped within this area. This upgrade provides a great finishing touch to such a strategy.


Create Wall. Adds a new Wall or replaces an existing one. This upgrade helps create a particular path that you want to lead your chips through without any significant bounces.


Magnet. With this upgrade, you can choose any peg on a board to temporarily attract nearby chips. The best feature about this upgrade is its consistency — whether the chips are coming to the left or the right of the Magnet, stabilizes further movement of chips.


Golden Chip. This rarer version of the Extra Chip upgrade comes with an added value for any action that generates score. When chosen, it’s added to the bottom of the stack.

Charging Chip. This is a rare upgrade, similar to the Extra Chip, but it is added to the bottom of the stack. When this specific chip bounces down the board, the amount of score it generates increases.


Pocket +6000. This upgrade has the same effect as the Pocket +3000 upgrade, but it is rarer, and its value is double. It is a stroke of good luck to receive this upgrade.

Remove Peg. This rare upgrade helps creates more space to arrange the upgrades on your board. To use it most effectively, remove a peg that’s in the way of your other upgrades.

2 Extra Chips. A rare version of the Extra Chip upgrade with double the value — it adds 2 extra chips to the top of the stack.


Pocket +10000. A very rare version of a Pocket upgrade, it adds the 10000 base value to the pocket you choose to place it on.

3 Extra Chips. This is the Extra Chip upgrade with 3 times the value. Very rare and very valuable — leading to the best score accumulation possibilities.

Midas Peg. This is a very rare upgrade that can replace any peg on the board. Any chip that comes into contact with it will turn into a golden chip, tripling its value. To make the most of the Midas Peg, place it as high as possible on the board to increase the value of your chips as they make their way down the board.


Bouncy Walls. A very rare upgrade that adds 3 new Bouncy Walls or replaces 3 existing walls. It works similar to the Bouncy Pegs upgrade, but it enables you to sink your chips in a specific direction. It can also be used to create a loop that allows your chips to cycle on the board. The significant advantage is that this upgrade provides three walls at one time.


Triple Walls. This is a very rare version of the Create Wall upgrade. The significant advantage is that this upgrade provides three walls at one time.


Cloning Peg. One of the rarest and most valuable upgrades in the game. Any chip that comes into contact with it will be cloned. Place it on your board near the pegs, walls, or magnets to make the most of this upgrade.

Cloning Wall. A very rare upgrade that not only lets you place a wall, but any chips that come in contact with that wall will be cloned. It’s extremely useful in building trap mazes that hold and multiply chips within them.

Remove Pegs. A very rare version of the Remove Peg upgrade, but with three times the value. With this upgrade, you can choose 3 pegs and remove them from the board, allowing you to maximize your board's space for other upgrades.

Tele-pocket. This very rare upgrade adds a portal to a pocket of your choice. This upgrade moves up to 5 chips to the top of the board per round through teleportation, allowing you to sustain your chips on a board and increase the score multiplier.

Multiplier Pocket. A very rare upgrade that turns any pocket into one that increases the whole score multiplier until the end of the round. It adds +2 to the score multiplier, effectively tripling it if your current multiplier is base x 1.

NOTE: this article does not include several extra rare upgrades (up to 5-star rarity). We hope you will discover them as you play and surprise yourself with a Jackpot!


The most common way to succeed in the game is to focus on gaining as many multipliers as possible and also keeping as many of your chips bouncing on the board. Here is a detailed explanation of one of the most sustainable and reliable strategies, the V-trap:

1. Create V-shaped walls, preferably using the Bouncy Walls upgrade to make more bounces for each chip until they disappear for a +1 multiplier. You need at least 8 walls to attempt this — the more walls, the better. 


NOTE: the more centered the placement is on the board, the easier it will be to create a bigger V-shape

2. You will need at least 2 or 3 Cloning Walls or Cloning Pegs. You must place them inside the V-trap, attaching Cloning Walls to an actual trap wall. This is necessary because cloned chips are created on the other side of the wall, and you want them to remain inside the trap.

3. Replace the majority of pegs that connect the walls of the V-trap with a Bouncy Peg to generate more sustainable and faster bounces for every chip. Also, place 1 Bouncy Peg next to the Cloning Walls to make more movement around them. DO NOT surround Cloning Walls with Bouncy Pegs entirely because it will prevent chips from sliding down and cloning.

4. Clone your regular chips inside the V-trap to generate as many multipliers as possible. Charging Chips will generate the most score — the more Charging Chips, the better. 


NOTE: to increase the value of your Charging Chips to hundreds of millions, place a Midas Peg at the top of the V-trap