We have a brand new feature, called Arkadium Fan Favorites.

This feature allows you to set up your favorite games in the front page of the Arkadium website, so that you'll be able to access them as soon as you enter the site.

What is a Favorite?

When playing any Arkadium game in the website, you'll probably notice that a new icon has been added to the upper left corner.

The icon says "Add to Favorites".

You'll see it directly located above the other menu icons.

When you click on this icon, you'll see it change to "Your Favorite".

A game that has been added to Favorites will directly appear alongside other games marked as Favorites above the front page of Arkadium, as long as you're signed into your account. They will all be marked with a heart symbol.

This Fan Favorites list will appear in both the Home section and the All Games section.

The Favorites feature isn't limited to the game lists. Your favorite games will also be seen within your Profile page.

Make sure to use this feature to mark all of your favorite games for easier access!