With Arkadium Advantage, you can play all your favorite games without ads. This includes any video ads you would see before playing a game, as well as third-party banner ads located on your screen while you play.  


Please ensure you’re signed in to the Arkadium profile associated with your Arkadium Advantage subscription to take advantage of ad-free gameplay. 

WARNING: if you have several emails, please, make sure you logged in, using the right email, because otherwise you would be logged in as a regular user (not premium).

Here is how to do this: How do I sign in to Arkadium profile on my PC/Mac? and How do I sign in to Arkadium profile on my phone?


NOTE: if you encounter an optional video ad that can be watched in exchange for a benefit in a game or app, read more about that here

WARNING: you may see banners on the site from Arkadium to notify you about new games or promotions from time to time. We appreciate your feedback about these notifications. We plan to have more efficient ways to inform you about new games and updates in the future

If you confirm that you’re signed in to the profile associated with your active Arkadium Advantage subscription and still see ads that do not fit the criteria described above, please contact the support team. In your message, please include additional details about the ad you saw and where you saw it.