When you cancel your subscription, you will be able to enjoy your subscription benefits through your remaining billing cycle.

Where did you subscribe?

  • On the web (Arkadium.com)

  • Through an Arkadium game App

Here is how to cancel on Arkadium.com

Please note, any promo codes applied to your subscription are valid only through the lifetime of your subscription. Canceling and re-subscribing will not re-activate any promo codes previously associated with your subscription.

Here’s how to cancel: 

  • Sign in to your profile

  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner

  • Please, choose Payment and Subscription in the side menu. Click on the Manage Subscription button.

  • Click "Cancel Subscription" as shown on the picture below:

You can also contact our support team to cancel your subscription. To expedite your request, include the email address linked to your Arkadium Advantage subscription. Our team will manage your request within one business day. If your subscription renewal date is soon, please use the self-service method above to prevent additional billings.


If you subscribed through an Arkadium game app:

Please note: Uninstalling an app from your device will not cancel your Arkadium Advantage subscription. You must cancel from within each app storefront.

Where did you subscribe?

  • App Store

  • Google Play

Here is how to cancel your subscription from your iPhone or iPad

Open the Settings app on your device:


  • Tap your name

  • Tap subscriptions

  • Tap the subscription you want to cancel 


  • Tap Cancel subscription

If you don’t see “cancel” as an option, the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.

If you can’t locate the subscription, please consult Apple’s help center for more info.


Are you located in Israel, South Africa, or Turkey? Click here for special instructions regarding cancellation: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206627


Google Play Instructions 

Which device are you using to cancel your subscription?

  • Android device

  • From a computer


How to cancel from the Google Play app on your Android device:

  • Open the Google Play app on your device

  • Tap the profile icon on the top right

  • Tap Payments&Subscriptions

  • Tap Subscription

  • Select the subscription you want to cancel

  • Tap Cancel Subscription

  • Follow the on-screen instructions 

Here is how the screenshots look like: 

Still, need help canceling? Use Google Play’s self-help flow to cancel your subscription.