For the best experience, please make sure you're Signed In to your profile before you start playing. 

When your game is over, your score will be added to the leaderboard. Please wait a moment before closing your browser or refreshing the page to ensure that your score is counted. 

You should also take into consideration several aspects: 

  • The way our score tracking system currently works is that any other scores that are lower than your current highest score for the day are not saved. Only the highest score of the day is saved.

EXAMPLE: if the highest you scored in a game was 100,000, your next score of 50,000 wouldn't be saved because it is less than 100,000 points

  • Weekly and Monthly leaderboards do not accumulate players' scores for Week and Month, existing in the Daily leaderboard.

  • Arkadium games record your result in the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly leaderboard simultaneously if your score is higher enough to be on the leaderboard. We clear up the Daily leaderboard - every day at 00:00 UTC time, the Weekly Leaderboard on Sunday at 00:00 UTC time, and the Monthly leaderboard on the last day of the month at 00:00 UTC time. 

If you did everything right and your score is still not recorded, please, contact us and help with the following information:

Your score and screen name. We will restore your score for you manually. 

Thanks for your help and patience.