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While most games are typically played against a computer opponent or around solving a puzzle or obstacle, it's always fun to play against other real-life people. For this purpose, Arkadium offers two fun multiplayer game experiences, where any player can face off against opponents on the internet or invite friends to play on their own computers anywhere in the world.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Family Feud is not the Multiplayer game and there is no way to play Family Feud with your friend or family. Sorry. 

8 Ball Pool Together

Our first multiplayer game is called 8 Ball Pool Together, a fun multiplayer variant of our popular 8 Ball Pool game. In it, you can play pool against a real opponent instead of a computer-controlled one.

In order to play a match against a friend, you can select Create Private. This will give you a link code that you can copy and paste onto any text message and send to a friend to challenge them to a match.

By clicking on "copy," you'll copy your link and be able to paste it to your friend to invite them to the match. Alternatively, you can look at the Private Game ID and provide it to your friend. Then, they can select Join Private.

Afterward, all they need to do is to enter the Private Game ID by clicking on the numbers and selecting "Join". Should they make a mistake, they can press "Del" to correct it.

Selecting Random Match will match you with an internet stranger. Choose this if you'd like to play against someone new.

To learn how to play 8 Ball Pool, check out the gameplay article (click here).

Block Champ Arena

We also have a multiplayer version of Block Champ. This allows you to play it against other opponents online. While stacking blocks, you'll compete against your opponent by stacking them faster and with a better strategy.

To start, you can select your preferred name by entering it in the space. You can select Train Me if you'd like to train with a computer opponent before playing against a real-life player. As Block Champ Arena is different from Block Champ in regards to how you deal with an opponent, we recommend practicing first.

If you're ready for the match, select Start, upon which you'll be taken to the lobby. In the lobby, you will wait for your player opponents, who will all appear and be added to the game. You'll see a countdown below and useful tips you can scroll through while you wait.

To learn more about playing Block Champ Arena, check out the gameplay article.